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Hornets Buzz About Chromebooks

Eric Curts

The Malvern Hornets of Brown Local School District is “buzzing” about the many wonderful opportunities we have been able to pursue being a part of the Young Entrepreneurs Consortium. A few examples of these opportunities include teachers becoming dual credentialed, the development and implementation of problem-based learning units, and the involvement with Believe in Ohio

These opportunities impact student learning greatly, but the biggest “buzz” from the grant was our technology purchases and made an immediate impact with our students. We had a goal of providing our students with the access to a device anytime, anywhere in our district. We feel we have accomplished this goal with using the grant to purchase 330 Chromebooks in 11 portable storage carts and 120 tablets in four portable storage carts that were distributed throughout our district. Brown Local was able to upgrade our infrastructure to support this new initiative as well. 

One of the greatest feelings felt among our staff was when we were rolling these carts out to the classrooms. A high school student saw us and said, ‘Are these computers REALLY for us?’ He had a smile from ear to ear because he could not believe he would be doing schoolwork on a computer.

Teachers and students began using the technology immediately. It is now hard to walk down the hall or pass the library without seeing the use of technology. Everyone is “buzzing” about the new purchases. We hear community members talking about the new computers at sporting events, social functions and even while getting your teeth cleaned. 

The Chromebooks especially have helped change our thought process in terms of collaboration, communication, and moving toward paperless classrooms. We have started to see a change in the way we purchase materials and make curriculum decisions. Recently, we were able to pursue programs that will help us gather valuable diagnostic data on our students, which will allow teachers to make data-driven decisions in helping our students grow academically.  

The technology additions helped change the way our students gather, explore, and learn information, while developing 21st century skills.
Brown Local_student_library_crop.jpg

About the Author:
Tom Nunziato, Curriculum Director, Brown Local Schools is in his 18th year at Brown Local Schools, and serving his second year as the Curriculum Director.  Most of his 18 years were taught in grades 4–8 math in both Malvern Middle and Malvern Elementary Schools. Tom holds a 1–8 Lead Professional Teacher License, 4–12 Principal License, and is National Board Certified in AY Mathematics.

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