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Creativity Counts!

Eric Curts

In Year 1 of the YEC grant, educators from YEC districts authored 70 problem-based learning units ranging from grade 6–12 in math, ELA, technology, social studies, science, and career tech. Problem-based learning is an instructional approach designed to encourage students to conduct research and apply knowledge and skills to solve a problem. This student-centered approach to learning promotes creative thinking, teamwork, problem solving, and flexibility, which are all important skills for success in college and on the job. Many of the units that have been designed by YEC teachers are cross curricular and extremely creative! Doesn’t this pique your interest to learn more?

Here's Our Top 10 List of Favorite Titles

  1. Save a Farm—Move Underground (ELA, Grade 6)
  2. Alien Invaders at Camp (ELA, Science, Math: Grade 6–8)
  3. Thyme to Turnip Tha Beet (Social Studies: Grade 6–9)
  4. The Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe (ELA: Grade 9–11)
  5. Ebola Containment System (ELA: Grade 12)
  6. Improving Recycling Containers (Math: Grade 7)
  7. Mission to Mars (Math, Science: Grade 8)
  8. NASCAR: The Science of Speed (Science: Grade 8)
  9. What’s Your Rights? (Social Studies: Grade 8)
  10. Invention Competition (Social Studies, Math, Technology, Science: Grade 7)

Check out the PBL section for more examples of problem-based learning.