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Orrville City Schools Round-Up

Starla Edwards

We recently caught up with Orrville City Schools to hear about what they are up to, and learn about the impact the Young Entrepreneurs Consortium is having on their district, teachers and students.

Here are five exciting things happening in Orrville:

1.       Technology in the classrooms

Orrville was able to achieve full implementation of 1:1 Chromebooks for grades 7–12 this school year, and students and teachers alike are finding new ways to use the technology to enhance learning and teaching. Students at Orrville Middle School use Chromebooks on a daily check-in/check-out system, meaning students use them during the day, but do not take them home. Students at Orrville High School have constant access to their device. Along with finding ways to keep the campus open earlier and later in the day to provide students with Wi-Fi access, the Orrville Public Library has also continued to increase the number of hot spots they have for students and families.

Students at Orrville High School use Chromebooks in the classroom as part of the 1:1 technology program.

Students at Orrville High School use Chromebooks in the classroom as part of the 1:1 technology program.

2.       Interactive Distance Learning

In addition to the Chromebooks, students at Orrville have been taking advantage of interactive distance learning opportunities (IDL). This year, in partnership with four other IDL sites and Stark State College, Orrville was able to offer eight business/entrepreneurship courses. Next year, the district will add six more courses. Having these courses available means that, with careful planning over four years, a high school student at Orrville can almost earn an associate’s degree without ever leaving the high school.

Orville students use distance learning opportunities to take college courses.

Orville students use distance learning opportunities to take college courses.

3.       Problem-Based Learning

Orrville Middle School has 13 teachers (most of the core staff) trained in problem-based learning. This allows grade-level teams to collaborate and plan relevant learning for students. The district is currently planning now for the 2016–2017 school year for how to make the master schedule more conducive to PBL units.

Problem-based learning in action at Orrville.

Problem-based learning in action at Orrville.

4.       Partnerships for Student Opportunities

Orrville City Schools continues to look for partnerships that can provide additional learning opportunities for students. Believe in Ohio was a great success last school year at Orrville High School—locally, regionally, and at the state level. The number of students participating in Believe in Ohio has doubled this current school year!

5.       Work-Based Learning

Work-based learning and Career Connections have helped the district look at their workforce development initiatives. In collaboration with Heartland Education Community, Junior Achievement and the Orrville Area Chamber of Commerce, several present and future business/education ventures are being enhanced or developed.


Thank you, Orrville City Schools and Assistant Superintendent Brett Lanz, for telling us a little bit about the great initiatives going on through the Young Entrepreneurs Consortium! Learn more about what’s happening in Orrville City School District.