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ELA Grade 8


ALIEN INvaders at camp

Description: Students will research, photograph, and document invasive plant species harmful to local communities.
Download the PBL unit. 
Interdisciplinary: Science, Math

The Castle

Description: The Castle is a local historical home that has been opened as a museum. They are having issues with attendance, volunteers, advertising, and a central community calendar.
Download the PBL unit.
Interdisciplinary: Social Studies

GMOs in society

Description: This unit invites students to explore locally grown genetically modified food sources. 
Download the PBL unit.
Interdisciplinary: Science     


Local farming threat

Description: Learners take the roles of future environmentalists and farming advocates, to help determine the best and most cost-efficient course of action in order to solve the spread of disease. 
Download the PBL unit. 
Interdisciplinary: Science

One-to-One Technology

Description: Students will brainstorm and research the different aspects of acquiring the technology. 
Download the PBL unit. 
Interdisciplinary: Technology, Math

Poetry in Our Schools

Description: Learners will take the role of lobbyists in persuading politicians and community members of the best course of action, investigating and producing examples of poetry in support of their position, with corresponding analyses of each example.
Download the PBL unit.


Terrible Traffic

Description: Students will explore local, real-world issues concerning traffic patterns in and around the elementary, middle school, and high school campus. 
Download the PBL unit.


Description: To remedy a lack of green space around the school, students decided to beautify the surrounding area with gardens and expand efforts to include a vegetable garden so that they may have healthier school lunches.
Download the PBL unit. 
Interdisciplinary: Social Studies

Vandalism in
School Bathrooms

Description: Students are asked to come up with solutions to stop the vandalism the restrooms. 
Download the PBL unit. 
Interdisciplinary: Social Studies, Math