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ELA Grade 9



Energy Conservation: East Canton School District

Description: Students will create a proposal for the school superintendent and treasurer to reduce the energy costs by the district while considering the zoning laws of the village, and environmental responsibility.
Download the PBL unit. 
Interdisciplinary: Social Studies, Science, Technology

I am not a mexican

Description: This unit asks students to consider stereotyping of Latino people in their own community and how to address/educate members of the community to the variety of Spanish-speaking cultures and traditions.
Download the PBL unit. 
Interdisciplinary: Social Studies

The Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe

Description: Students explore the death theory for Edgar Allan Poe and rewrite his obituary to include all of his accomplishments, as well as his updated case of death.
Download the PBL unit.


New CT Program Argument

Description: Students are asked to look at national careers trends to determine what types of jobs are in-demand currently and what is forecast as being "popular" for the future. 
Download the PBL unit.