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ELA Grade 9 2016



Career Research

Description: Students will produce a “career wall” that can be used by all students in the school to research and explore the variety of careers that are available to them.
Download the PBL unit.

Developing College Prep

Description: Students are asked to determine, research, argue and present their idea of the best way to increase the number of college graduates and/or prepare WHS students for careers straight out of high school.
Download the PBL unit.

Fahrenheit 451: To Ban or Not to Ban?

Description: This unit will focus on whether or not the administration of our school should ban a currently required classic novel or if they should allow the students to continue reading the novel.
Download the PBL unit.

How can sudden wealth be managed?

Description: This unit focuses on having students consider how the sudden good fortune in their futures might be responsibly managed.
Download the PBL unit.

Hunger Games

Description: The learners will be presented with the problem of needing to find a location in their town that could host the arena for the next Hunger Games.
Download the PBL unit.

Romeo and Juliet

Description: Students will collaborate to identify who, if any character, should face punishment for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.
Download the PBL unit.

School Community

Description: This unit focuses on having students determine if there currently exists an organization where all high school students can communicate openly with their peers about school questions, issues, and concerns. 
Download the PBL unit.
Interdisciplinary: Social Studies

Stopping Heroin Use

Description: Students will be asked to create a solution to the increased use of and overdoses from heroin and other drugs.
Download the PBL unit.
Interdisciplinary: Math