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SS Grade 8


The Castle

Description: The Castle is a local historical home that has been opened as a museum. They are having issues with attendance, volunteers, advertising, and a central community calendar.
Download the PBL unit. 
Interdisciplinary: ELA

Exploring the New World

Description: Colonization of the New World will occur. Students explore developing a comprehensive and sustainable model to successfully create and maintain a settlement.
Download the PBL unit.


Revolutionary War Newsflash

Description: Students have the role of newspaper reporter and act as a journalist in the Colonial Times.
Download the PBL unit.


Description: To remedy a lack of green space around the school, students decided to beautify the surrounding area with gardens and expand efforts to include a vegetable garden so that they may have healthier school lunches.
Download the PBL unit. 
Interdisciplinary: ELA

Vandalism in
School Bathrooms

Description: Students are asked to come up with solutions to stop the vandalism the restrooms. 
Download the PBL unit. 
Interdisciplinary: Math, ELA

What's Your

Description: This PBL unit uses social media to learn about the Bill of Rights.
Download the PBL unit.