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STEM Grade 9


Biochemistry–Macromolecule Mythbusters: Are We Really What We Eat?

Description: Students explore what is in the foods they are eating and how their body uses the food.
Download the PBL unit. 
Interdisciplinary: Science


Cryptography Using Matrices Project

Description: To deliver a secret message, students will encrypt it by writing it as a matrix, developing a coding matrix, and then decoding the message using the inverse to make sure it works properly.
Download the PBL unit. 
Interdisciplinary: Math


Description: Students will create a proposal for the school superintendent and treasurer to reduce the energy costs by the district while considering the zoning laws of the village, and environmental responsibility.
Download the PBL unit. 
Interdisciplinary: Social Studies, Science, Technology, ELA


Storage Enclosures

Description: The students design a storage enclosure for one of the schools in the district by brainstorming a location for the enclosure, designing an enclosure that fits the requirements listed, creating a formal written proposal, and presenting to district leaders.
Download the PBL unit. 
Interdisciplinary: Math